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Outdated stickies

Postby m1999 » Sun Jun 14, 2015 5:29 am

Some of the stickies really need to be replaced, especially in the Tune Posting section. No one updates them anymore and most of the links are dead.

Tune Posting:

Guitar Hero and Rock Band series
-> should be replaced with Bluzer's topics (GH & RB)

Full Albums Collection/List
-> should be replaced with Micicle's topic

Career/Discog/Charter/etc index
-> should be replaced with Micicle's song pack topic

Tune Request:

Organized Song Requests
-> should be removed, page is offline

Tune Review:

Top Guitar Frets of the Month
-> should be removed: doesn't get updated anymore, not really interesting for anyone either

There are also a few other outdated stickes, but since there aren't any updated threads they can be replaced with it's better than nothing I guess.

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