My attempt on making a GH style game: 8Bit Headbanger

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My attempt on making a GH style game: 8Bit Headbanger

Postby MetalMuxxer » Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:55 am


Some months ago I won "Clickteam Fusion 2.5" in a giveaway, I don't really know why I joined that giveaway, since I've never been really interested in making videogames. Anyways, when I won the giveaway for a $100 software I knew I should use it, at least to make an attempt.

Now, Clickteam Fusion works pretty much like Construct 2 (that's my friends' opinion, I never used any other game development software before). One thing I like from this thing is that is kind of simple to use, and it has tutorials to make basic games.

So, I made one of the tutorial games and I had a very decent result, so I started to think on what I could do using the software, and an idea came to my mind: 8-Bit Headbanger.

Well, there's a very old software called Gashisoft GXSCC, which turn MIDIs into 8bit, I always liked that and I thought it would be a good idea making a game based on this. I got the inspiration from a flash game by an Argentinian developer called "MonoFlauta", who made "Headbanger Hero" which is a Guitar Hero game about headbanging hehe.

So, I made the main character using Paint only, some weird Dave Mustaine looking guy:


So, I started trying to do the main part of the gameplay that is "strumming" the "notes" at the right moment, so I had to set a parameter: [When the Player touches Left Arrow at the same moment that "Left Arrow" touches "Left Arrow (Fret)" add 10 score]. So that's basically the thing behind the gameplay, is simple as that. Now, I still need to make it so it can't be abused (since if I press Left Arrow 2 times in a row it will add 20 score).

Now, the game isn't more than basically drawings and ideas that must come true, but the planned features for the game are these:

- The player moves the head when the different arrows are pressed, to make the "headbanging" animations.

- I will use the 8bit-ized songs from known bands as soundtrack. I don't think this would bring any Copyright issues since they are considered covers and I wouldn't be making people pay for the game

- Various characters.

- Various difficulties.

- Scoreboards

- Some note detection stuff (Early, Good, Perfect, Late)

- Custom charts (Not sure if this would be possible)

- Local Multiplayer

- Outfits for characters

- Extra stuff and achievements

Still, the game is just a sketch, obviously once I finish the actual game (if I do) the general art style of the game will be different. Things I still need to work on to make the game playable:

- Figure out how to make dynamic charts, so they are synced with the song.

- Make a better score system than adding 10 and 10 and 10...

- Adding some short of lifes system.

- Making good sprites for the entire art of the game.


Right now I'm not working on the game, just because I don't know if I can finish it, I mean, it's a challenge for me. If anybody uses this software and want to help it would be **** great.

What do you guys think about this project? Would you want to see it finished?

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