[GH3] mid2chart - accurate .mid (RB/PS) to .chart (GH3) converter

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[GH3] mid2chart - accurate .mid (RB/PS) to .chart (GH3) converter

Postby ONAONEMEU » Sat Jun 10, 2017 9:58 am

Posting it here because goulartgh himself doesn't seem to have a account here.

Scorehero thread (How to use it) - http://www.scorehero.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1818143
Download and Source Code: https://github.com/raphaelgoulart/mid2chart/releases

Note: you can use the modded GHTCP in the GH3+ zip to directly import any kind of chart,even if it has tap/open notes
GH3+: Exilelord's GH3+ Hack

You can find it in "GH3+ v0.6" -> "_misc" -> "Tools" -> "OpenGHTCP".
Then copy everything in the OpenGHTCP and paste it in the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Sigma Production Inc\Guitar Hero Three Control Panel"
and ask yes when replacing files

copy pasted from the SH thread
goulartgh wrote:This is a tool made to convert Rock Band / Phase Shift .mid files to .chart, so they can be imported into GH3PC using GHTCP.

It uses Mark Heath's NAudio and unphook's Stopwatch - the former is licensed under the Ms-PL license, and the latter is under the MIT license.
To make sure tap notes work, you should use Exilelord's GH3+ Hack

1. Extract the .7z file;
2. Drag and drop the desired .mid file into the .exe (or the .bat file);
3. Import the resulting .chart file into GH3PC using GHTCP! - if you have openGHTCP you can discard the dummy chart

If there is a song.ini file in the same folder as the mid, the converter will use its metadata to set the song name, artist, year and charter attributes in the converted chart file.
If the song.ini specifies a 1/8 HO/PO threshold, the converter will force HO/POs accordingly so the converted chart file matches that.
PART KEYS is also converted, placed in the Enhanced Guitar part. It is ignored by GHTCP, but can be found by opening the chart in FeedBack and pressing F4.

The program supports a series of parameters to customize the conversion process (for example output an editable FeedBack chart file, apply Harmonix's HO/PO logic, etc). Read the readme.txt file, included with this package, to know what each parameter does, how to apply them easily, and more useful info!

Also, this program is open-source, licensed under the MIT license. If you're a programmer, feel free to add/edit its features, and even re-release it as if you wish (as long as you credit me, read the license and agree with it)!

This is it! If you have any issues or questions, just leave a reply, or message raphaelgoulart#1573 on Discord!
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Re: [GH3] mid2chart - accurate .mid (RB/PS) to .chart (GH3) converter

Postby m1999 » Sat Jun 10, 2017 10:37 am

Something to be aware of when converting charts that have sliders: If you keep your note length at 0ms, the last note of a slider section will not be marked as a slider, unless it's a sustain. This means you will either have to re-mark slider sections so they are extended a bit (by making the last note a sustain and then reverting it) before you convert it or you will have to fix the chart manually in Moonscraper

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