Up, Left, Down

Have fun with some forum games!
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Up, Left, Down

Postby sweetladyamy » Sat Dec 24, 2016 2:10 am

There was once, a semi-popular forum game on an old 3D World site called frenzoo.com (that site is long gone because they decided to go mobile).

That was this one, where the next to post would say something about the person who posted before, something about themselves, and something about the next person to post.

One would do so like this:

^ - Has had sex with a man before
< - Loves the smell of apple pie
V - Loves cow pie...?

Anyway, sounds pretty simple, right? Let's start!


^ - A fun way to kill time
< - Has a bad habit of watching X-Rated Erotica too much
V - Wants a girlfriend who has that 'little something extra'...?

lol Let's not get too creepy with this, okay?
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