Band Hero Guitar with Slider/Touch Bar

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Band Hero Guitar with Slider/Touch Bar

Postby MrReglala » Tue Jul 25, 2017 11:22 pm

Hello guys, I've only recently discovered PS as I was searching to play something with my old Band Hero Guitar.

I've got it up and running and already have more than 4GB of Songs in it and most of 'em played, working like a Charm, no problems there.

But now to the topic:

I've found some Band Hero and Guitar Hero: World Tour Songs, which have the "glassy"/transparent Notes, which could be played with the Slider/Touch bar in the original games.
Sadly, I haven't found anything to activate and use the Slider Bar in Phase Shift, even though it was a really neat feature and I'd love to use it again.

And finally my Question:
Is there any way to activate that Slider/Touch bar? Any tweak/third party program/plug in whatever, just something to make that neat thing work again?

I'm thankful for any help/advice/answers.

P.S.: (Every Guitar since Guitar Hero:World Tour should have this feature built in, that's why I'm even asking - Mine is the Band Hero Guitar)

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