Chart Editing (Moonscraper) - Need help syncing to the BPM and things like that

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Chart Editing (Moonscraper) - Need help syncing to the BPM and things like that

Postby vmg » Wed Oct 11, 2017 6:32 pm

About a month ago I charted a song using Moonscraper, for use specifically in Clone Hero. I ended up finishing it, and I had plans to release it on here, except there's something that's just off about the chart, and it's preventing me from releasing it. While I may go back and touch up and fix some of the notes, the major thing that's bugging me with the chart is how it's synced

A good chart is a chart that is properly synced to the note highway. The notes fall exactly on the lines of the highway, matching the BPM and time signature(s) of the song (with some exceptions of course.) Obviously I know what BPM is, and I sort of get the idea of time signatures...but as far as applying those into the chart editor...I'm a bit clueless. I gave it a go today for about an hour, and while I made about an inch of progress, it was all guesswork

I'd appreciate if anyone could direct me to a tutorial, whether video or text, that helps explain what to do during this phase of chart editing. If someone wanted to do the syncing for me, that could work too (PM me in that case, I'd donate for your time) but I'd like to be able to learn how to do this for the future on my own too. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Chart Editing (Moonscraper) - Need help syncing to the BPM and things like that

Postby Hellrock120 » Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:35 pm

I recommend you Hoph2o's Moonscraper tutorial, it's very helpful (if you don't watched it already), and I want to say something, a thing I learned throught the years of charting songs (because I sucked at the beginning).

Syncing a song isn't a thing that comes from watching a tutorial or a explanation, you need to practice to master it. Yeah, I know that an tutorial can give you an idea of what to do and don't be completely lost, but nothing of that serves to much at the moment of syncing, because each song is different of other. It's just like anything else in the life, if you want to do a proper job, you'll need to practice it first.

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