Rock Band 3 drums not working

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Rock Band 3 drums not working

Postby petros » Mon Apr 04, 2016 7:08 am

Hi all!

I just downloaded the game used the rock band 2 theme and downloaded some songs. All great. But drums are not working. When I test them on options or when I click edit controller it says no controller found. I know you have to plug in the drums before you open the game. Also on the test option I noticed that drums work with keyboards. Like A is for snare etc. Also my drums are recognized by my pc an app like drum machine plays perfect.
Any ideas?

Edit: Solved it with JoytoKey but now I have audio problems. Does this game hate me or what? I have version 3.121 on windows 10

Edit2: Fixed that with Audacity. Ok I think I'll stop now :tongue:

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