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1000+ Sygenysongs
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Postby BombDude24 » Fri Aug 19, 2016 12:39 pm

Hey, about time something like this was included on the forum, and I'm not a FoF/FoFiX master, unfortunately, so if not every song-related issue, and only song-related issues are addressed, then feel free to comment about them. We don't want to put any obligation on users or charters to do any of these things to ensure compatibility for all programs, but it is encouraged for either party.

  • Sysex-related python error

The song that you're using contains system-exclusive notes.mid functions, which work in Phase Shift, but not FoF/FoFiX. This can be fixed by downloading EoF (Editor on Fire), opening the offending notes.mid file for the song that you want, then in EoF, navigating to File>Preferences>Import/Export, then from there checking the box for "Save separate Rock Band files", then save the song. In the song's folder, now delete or rename the existing notes.mid, then take the new notes_rbn.mid, and rename it to notes.mid.


  • Messed up audio in FoF/FoFiX

Bluzer was nice enough to create a tutorial, which was intended for the songs from both of his Guitar Hero and Rock Band series threads, however, the Guitar Hero songs require the use of the above solution, as most/all will return the python error.

With some alteration to the audio files you can play these in FoF/iX.

Load all tracks in Audacity

1) Combine all drum tracks together
2) Make Bass guitar a stereo pair.
3) Change Project Rate to 44100Hz(bottom left corner)
4) ALL tracks need to be stereo & 44100Hz audio or FoF/iX will play them to fast/slow.
5) Combine vocals.ogg & song.ogg together for FoFiX's song.ogg(include drums/vocals/song in a song.ogg for FoF/GH3, only if your doing this for FoF or GH3 PC)
6) Export drums combined = drums.ogg, guitar = guitar.ogg, bass guitar(stereo) = rhythm.ogg, vocals & extras = song.ogg, choose your ogg quality.
7) ....Enjoy!

As an alternative, you can use this .bat file (also courtesy of Bluzer) to mix the audio faster with less effort, however, this will result in a single guitar.ogg file, so you will miss out on the multitracks if you use this method.

If there's any, again, song-related issues with known solutions, then don't hesitate to let me know so I can add them to this thread.
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