EOF 1.8RC12 - Now with Rocksmith 2014 support

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Re: EOF 1.8RC8 - Now with spectrogram

Postby italianstal1ion » Sat Feb 01, 2014 1:33 am

Hey rayne, I'm having a few issues using the .ogg converter on the program. Here's what happens:

1. Start new song. Use existing audio folder.
Then I get a "big_value too large! 342"
But the song loads fine, and the files are created in the folder are fine, seemingly.

Then I try to add Leading Silence, which brings up the second command window:

Here's a link to the MP3 if you'd like to try it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4GLEg ... sp=sharing

Do we know whats causing this?
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Re: EOF 1.8RC8 - Now with spectrogram

Postby raynebc » Sat Feb 01, 2014 5:09 am

I tried the latest version of LAME (from http://www.rarewares.org/mp3-lame-bundle.php) and even it gives some errors when decoding it to a WAV file:

Code: Select all

input:  04 How would You.mp3  (44.1 kHz, 2 channels, MPEG-1 Layer III)
output: test.wav  (16 bit, Microsoft WAVE)
skipping initial 529 samples (encoder+decoder delay)
Frame# 16809/16845  128 kbps  L  R   big_values too large! 342
hip: error audio data exceeds framesize by 320 bytes
Frame# 16809/16845  128 kbps  L  R

However, with the newer version of Lame, I didn't see the errors pop up when I created a new chart from the MP3 file and then added leading silence, so it may have avoided some problems. From what I can tell from Google, this seems to be happening because there is junk at the beginning of the MP3 file (or an unsupported ID3 tag) and it causes decoding issues. If the audio is working fine after conversion, then it's probably not much to be worried about. The next release candidate will have the newer LAME executable and maybe updates for one or two other external binaries.
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Re: EOF 1.8RC9 - Now with Rocksmith 2014 support

Postby raynebc » Wed Feb 26, 2014 3:55 am

Hi, folks. It's time for a new release candidate. Changes since 1.8RC8:
*Increased the phrase limit to 1000 as this is needed in some rare cases when people author extremely long charts.
*Corrected the keyboard shortcut given for "Paste from catalog" in the Edit menu.
*Added a new time stretch feature using the rubberband library that uses phase vocoding techniques to allow chart audio to be played back slower than full speed without changing the pitch. This is more processor intensive so you may need to increase your audio buffer (and AV delay) to compensate, but you can disable this feature by unchecking "Edit>Playback rate>Time stretch".
*Added a new "Beat>Estimate BPM" function using the MiniBPM source package. This function estimates the tempo of the current chart audio and offers to apply that tempo to the first beat.
*Added Rocksmith 2014 export logic (enabled with the "Save separate Rocksmith 2 files" preference), which will save arrangements with the same names as the RS1 XML files except that "_RS2" is appended to the filename. String mute, tap, accent, pinch harmonic, vibrato and unpitched slide techniques are added to techniques supported in Rocksmith 1, and chords can export with any technique used by single notes. Arpeggiated chords can be defined in the style of Rock Band 3 and appear with arpeggio notation in-game. In addition, the "linkNext" mechanism allows multiple notes to be combined in-game, to author complicated notes such as a sustain that ends in a slide. Rocksmith 2014's anchors can have different widths, so EOF automatically determines how wide each anchor needs to be to account for all notes defined up until the next anchor. The anchor error checking logic's warnings have been updated to reflect when they apply to Rocksmith 1 and not Rocksmith 2014 by including "(RS1)" in the message. If RS1 export isn't enabled but RS2 export is, the WAV file created during save does not include 8 seconds of silence appended to the chart audio (since Rocksmith 2 doesn't seem to have this requirement) and some warnings that pertain only to Rocksmith 1 will be skipped. A new "Tech notes" system has been added for authoring complex techniques for Rocksmith 2014. These notes are placed by entering "tech view" with the "Track>Rocksmith>Enable tech view" (which can be activated by pressing F4) and placing "tech notes" on top of the track's regular notes. A tech note effects the individual string of the note it overlaps, meaning that one string in a chord can have techniques that are different from those on the other strings (ie. a chord can have only one string that bends, or can have strings that each slide a different number of strings). When tech view is in effect, tech notes are color coded so that if a tech note begins at the same time as a regular note it renders with blue text on a white background, if it overlaps a regular note it renders with green text or if it does noes overlap (does not affect) any regular notes it renders with red text, if the tech note is selected it renders with white text. As long as the tech note is overlapping a note it isn't required to be at a specific position unless you are defining specialized bend notes. For example, a pre-bend needs to have a tech note with bend status at the start position of the note, so ideally you should ensure that tech note displays with blue text on a white background (you can use the "Note>Rocksmith>Move to prev note" function to move a tech note to the start of whichever note is is immediately before the tech note, if any), and then defines the release as a tech note with a bend strength of 0. Bend notes export to XML reflecting however many tech notes that have bend status, so you could author a note that bends and releases several times before it ends.
*Fixed a typo with the RS1 export of an empty chordTemplates XML tag.
*Fixed a bug with GP import where the import would malfunction if the "GP import nat. harmonics only" preference was enabled and the GP file contained artificial or tapped harmonic notes.
*Fixed a bug with the lyric import where timing conversion could malfunction on a MIDI that defines time signature changes in tracks other than the tempo track.
*Added a "Create preview audio" function to the song menu that exports the specified portion of the chart audio to (songname)_preview.wav and preview.ogg in the project folder. It will default to a 30 second clip beginning from the current seek position, but if a seek selection has been made (Feedback input mode), the default start and stop position in the dialog reflect the selected area of the chart.
*Added logic so that the playback rate can be changed (in increments of 10%) while the chart is playing. Holding CTRL while pressing ; or ' will change the rate in increments of 1% whether or not the chart is playing.
*Fixed a minor issue where the note selection wasn't reset when loading a project.
*Added a confirm option to the "Edit pro guitar note" and "Edit frets/fingering" functions that suppresses the prompt to confirm editing multiple selected notes at once.
*Fixed a bug where the automatic transposing of a track during tuning change wouldn't handle string muted notes correctly.
*Corrected the handling of alternate endings during GP import, which are notated differently between GP4 and GP5 files.
*Corrected a bug with GP import where bend strengths wouldn't import from tie notes.
*Added a keyboard shortcut for "Song>Seek>Beat/Measure" (CTRL+SHIFT+B).
*Updated RS export to include EOF's version string in a comment tag near the beginning of the XML file, for troubleshooting purposes.
*Corrected the fingering for the open D chord shape definition and added 22 miscellaneous chord shape definitions.
*Increased the limit for how many chord templates EOF could parse during RS import from 200 to 400, as dynamic difficulty arrangements can define a large number of them.
*Improved logging for RS import and fixed memory leaks that occurred during a failed import.
*Added a "Track>Rocksmith>Tone changes>Names" function that lists all unique tone names referenced by tone changes in the active track, allowing a tone to be selected as the default tone the track starts with or allowing all instances of a tone name to be renamed. Both the tone changes list and names list show which tone is the track's default tone with a (D) indicator. During save, EOF will warn if the default tone needs to be set or if more than 4 unique tone names (the maximum number supported by Rocksmith 2014) are used in any single track. As long as the default tone name is set and there are at least two different tone names in use for an arrangement, tone changes will be written to the RS2 XML file as appropriate.
*Added a keyboard shortcut for "Track>Rocksmith>Tone changes>Add" (CTRL+SHIFT+T).
*Fixed a bug with RS import where an undo state wouldn't be correctly made if there was a version attribute in the song tag.
*Improved the "string mute" radio button in the edit pro guitar note dialog so that it correctly marks the used strings in the note as being string muted.
*Fixed a bug where using the edit frets/fingering dialog to set all of a note's gems' fingering to X didn't immediately mark the note as being string muted.
*Updated lyric import and export to support RS2014's line break notation (a + character in a lyric's text).
*Updated EOF to allow the vibrato, harmonic and bend pro guitar techniques to be used in combination with any other technique. Harmonic notes will no longer export to MIDI using channel 5 and will instead be denoted with Sysex phrase ID #11. Pinch harmonic notation will be written to MIDI using Sysex phrase ID #12. Bend notes will no longer export to MIDI using channel 2 and will instead be denoted with Sysex phrase ID #13.
*Updated MIDI export to support more techniques used in Rocksmith. Accent notation will be written to MIDI using Sysex phrase ID #14. Bass pop notation will be written to MIDI using Sysex phrase ID #15. Bass slap notation will be written to MIDI using Sysex phrase ID #16.
*Fixed bugs where the erase track and erase track difficulty functions would carry out their function even if you opted not to erase existing notes.
*Updated GP import to import "semi" harmonics as "pinch" harmonics.
*Fixed bugs with RS export that would cause it to malfunction when writing chord templates for chords with ghost notes.
*Added experimental handling to GP import to support multiple alternate endings that use the same measure's end of repeat.
*Improved cleanup logic that occurs when moving notes (ie. click and drag) so that the note selection isn't lost, which would cause notes to be deselected.
*Updated the "3D render RS style chords" preference so that chords that have techniques that display with sustains in Rocksmith 2014 display note tails in the 3D preview window.
*Fixed a bug where editing a note in the "edit pro guitar note" dialog would remove selected notes' bend strengths and slide end fret positions.
*Updated RS export to add enough beats to define the beat timings completing the last populated measure of each track and one beat into the next measure, for improved compatibility with the dynamic difficulty creator.
*Updated the handling of bends to reflect Rocksmith 2014's unit of measurement for bends being quarter steps, ie. EOF will display a quarter step bend as 0.5 half steps below the piano roll. New bends can be defined in increments of quarter or half steps, existing bends will be treated as half step bends as before. GP import has been updated to import bend strengths measured in quarter steps.
*Added the ability to define a capo position for the active track. This will be exported to RS2 XML and will also affect chord names unless you enable the "Track>Pro guitar>Ignore tuning/capo" option. GP import will now track the defined capo position instead of transposing the imported track to not use a capo.
*Added more checking for invalid slides. If a slide or unpitched slide is not valid (ends on the same fret it starts on or is an open note with slide technique), a question mark will be displayed beneath the slide note.
*Improved GP import to support altnernate endings that end at the start of another alternate ending instead of on a repeat marker.
*Fixed a bug where lyric line definitions would be lost if Rocksmith lyric export failed.
*Fixed a bug where sound cues wouldn't sound during playback if the chart audio's sample rate wasn't 44.1KHz.
*Corrected an issue that would occur in Linux only where the locale settings are inherited from the computer. Depending on the locale, this could cause numbers to be written to text format files with commas instead of decimal points.
*Updated RS export to forcibly truncate strings that exceed the limits supported by Rocksmith.
*Updated the automated fingering logic to not fill in fingerings for single notes.
*Add error correction to lyric export so that if a lyric is defined outside of lyric lines, a lyric line is temporarily created to hold the lyric and a warning is logged.
*Fixed a crash that would occur during script or RS lyric exports when one or more lyrics had no text defined.
*Fixed a bug where deleting the active track difficulty would change to another track after performing the operation.
*Fixed bugs with the tuning dialog where the transpose wouldn't alter each string correctly if not changing from default tuning and the wrong tuning was reflected in the undo state.
*Updated RS1 export to resolve a conflict of a slide/bend note also being a pop/slide note by removing slide/bend status from such notes because RS1 does not display pop/slide status if the note is sustained, and will crash if a slide/bend note has no sustain.
*Fixed a bug where song.ini wasn't being backed up if it existed during Feedback import.
*Made multiple changes to the undo/save logic to try to avoid a condition where the project file could be saved into the .backup.eof file instead of the project's regular .eof file.
*Fixed a bug with RS1 export where arpeggios having a base chord with only one non ghosted gem wouldn't have handshapes written to XML.
*Added cleanup logic that runs if RS export is enabled that automatically adds missing ghosted notes at each arpeggio's base note to reflect the notes within the arpeggio phrase.
*Fixed a bug where using the highest possible grid snap interval (64) would cause a note's length to reset to 0 when it reached the next beat or measure.
*Fixed a bug where when a lane 5 drum gem was combined with any other gems, those other gems were automatically removed in the way that open strum guitar notes remove other gems.
*The CTRL+SHIFT+G shortcut has been assigned to the "Note>Pro guitar>Arpeggio>Mark" function. The keyboard shortcuts that alter which strings are affected by shortcuts that set fret numbering have been re-assigned to SHIFT+Numpad #. Song>Catalog>Find previous has been re-assigned to the much more appropriate Shift+F3 shortcut.
*Improved the warning during save about open notes having bend or slide status by having EOF seek to the offending note.
*Improved some of the RS export warnings to only display once per save instead of once per offending track per save.
*Added a check during save that will warn you if an arpeggio phrase doesn't have at least two notes in it.
*Fixed a bug during GP import where if the first beat in a measure had both an RS section and a phrase imported, only one of the two was kept if the track had to be unwrapped (contained repeats, alternate endings, navigational symbols).
*Set a limit of 2000BPM in the "Beat>Set BPM" function since there's no practical reason for even setting it this high, and setting it too high will cause EOF to become unusable depending on how powerful your computer is.
*Improved GP import to load unpitched slide information, ie. \9 imports as an unpitched slide from 10 to 9, 9\ imports as an unpitched slide from 9 to 8. MIDI export will now write unpitched slides as regular up/down slides.
*Improved GP import to attempt to recover corrupted GP files that are hosted by the WebTabPlayer website, which corrupts the file by inserting a Byte Order Mark sequence at the beginning.
*Added keyboard shortcuts for double BPM (CTRL+SHIFT+D) and halve BPM (CTRL+SHIFT+X).
*Added checks during save that will warn when any slide notes don't define their end fret position or bend notes don't define their strength and RS export is enabled.
*Corrected the "Edit note frets/fingering" dialog to accept 0, t or T for the thumb.
*Fixed a bug where "Beat>Time signature>Off" would remove any defined key signature on the selected beat.
*Fixed a bug where "Beat>Reset BPM" would remove any defined time signatures and key signatures.
*Added a "Beat>Time signature>Clear all" function that removes all time signatures from the project.
*Improved the "3D render RS style chords" preference by having the 3D preview display an X on top of repeat lines for chords that are completely string muted.
*Improved GPA import to correct timing errors that can be exported by Go PlayAlong. Go PlayAlong support has accepted the bug report and will hopefully fix their export feature in the future.
*Added handling for a special rule in music theory to GP import where if a time signature occurs in a previous (inactive) alternate ending, it is still expected to be applied to the composition.
*Updated prompts that change the preference for what is displayed at the top of the piano roll to restore the original user preference after the message is closed.
*Added the ability to import beat timings exported from Sonic Visualiser (File>Sonic Visualiser Import). Sonic Visualiser is a program that can, with the first-party "Queen Mary Tempo and Beat Tracker" plugin installed, estimate the position of each beat in the song and save this information as an XML file.
*Fixed a bug with GP import where the correct time signature may not be used if there were different time signatures in effect at the beginning and end of a jump between measures (repeat, navigational symbol, etc).
*Fixed an RS1 export issue where some chords that are authored strangely (ie. has ghost and muted notes but no normal notes) may cause the export to fail.
*Added a "Display seek pos. in seconds" preference that displays the seek position in the Information panel and second counters in the piano roll in seconds instead of minutes:seconds.
*Added more logging and error checking in the leading silence function.
*Fixed a bug with GP5 import where some items like alternate endings could be mis-read in certain circumstances.
*Fixed a bug where accent status could be incorrectly added to some notes during GP import when importing a GP4 or older format of file.
*Fixed a bug where opening the "edit frets/fingers" dialog for a 5 or 6 string pro guitar track and then using it on a track with fewer strings could incorrectly give an "If any fingering is specified, it must be done only for the fretted strings" error.
*Added variant chord lookup definitions reflecting that some chords (min7b6, min6, min6/Maj7, min7, m/Maj7, 6th, 7th, Maj7, 7sus4) often omit the fifth interval.
*Improved chord lookup to return results in a chord's bass note's scale first.
*Added a warning during save if Rocksmith export is enabled and any chords have a defined name that includes parentheses, since this will cause the game to crash/hang.
*Added new keyboad handling logic that should work better for picking up many of the keyboard shortcuts when a non English-US keyboard layout is being used.
*Added a keyboard shortcut for Tremolo/Drum roll mark (CTRL+SHIFT+O).
*Added a "Make note tails clickable" preference that allows you to hover the mouse over a note's tail or anywhere over the start to end position of a lyric and click to select it, instead of requiring you to mouse over the note's/lyric's head.
*Updated auto-adjust logic to handle fret hand positions.
*Improved the "Beat>Reset BPM" function to allow you specify whether tempo changes after the selected beat are removed instead of all tempo changes after the first beat.

It's been a long time coming, but Rocksmith 2014 authoring should be pretty stable now even though some features are notably not complete yet (ie. Score Attack support). And even though the focus has still been Rocksmith authoring, there are some really cool improvements such as the time stretch playback. Lame has been updated to the latest version (3.99.5). Oggenc2 has been updated to the latest version (2.87). Oggcat has not been updated since the latest version (0.8a) always forces a re-encode instead of trying to concatenate the files as-is. The documentation probably needs more work, let me know if anything is particularly lacking. I'm planning on adding a built-in tutorial for Rocksmith 1 and 2 authoring, and that is something I really want to finish before the 1.8 stable release or the next release candidate, whichever is first. I'm working on an outline and I may post a working draft to get public comment on what's needed to flesh it out. The keyboard logic changes since RC8 may work better or worse for you depending on your keyboard layout, but if anything doesn't work as well as it used to when you are in English US layout, let me know.
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Re: EOF 1.8RC9 - Now with Rocksmith 2014 support

Postby acrox999 » Fri Apr 18, 2014 4:16 am

Hey rayne, great job on the new release. I rarely used EOF before so I don't really know much, but I have a question. How do I make it so that the 3D panel is fullscreen, like FeedBack? I'm sure I did this before but I can't seem to find that option again. I know I did it with the latest release too, I just forgot where it was. Can anyone enlighten me?

EDIT: Oh, alright, got it. lol
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Re: EOF 1.8RC9 - Now with Rocksmith 2014 support

Postby acrox999 » Sun Apr 20, 2014 10:38 pm

rayne, can you make it so that the seek bar stops where I want it to stop, according to the grid snap when I press the spacebar? No, that isn't right. It is following the grid snap, but I noticed that it plays at the part in front of where I want it to, instead of where when I pressed the spacebar.

Something like this:

This is where I want it to stop (the '|').

But when I play it, it starts from here:

It's nothing big, but sometimes it is annoying. I don't know if you can understand what I'm trying to say though lol. :p
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Re: EOF 1.8RC9 - Now with Rocksmith 2014 support

Postby raynebc » Mon Apr 21, 2014 12:21 am

I'm not really sure what you mean. Are you talking about Feedback input mode where the seek positions moves to the nearest grid snap position when you stop playback? If the seek position starts after where you stopped it, it would have been because the position was closer to the next grid snap position than the previous one.
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Re: EOF 1.8RC9 - Now with Rocksmith 2014 support

Postby acrox999 » Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:45 am

Ah yes, you are right. Perhaps it's because some of these songs have very high tempo.
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Re: EOF 1.8RC9 - Now with Rocksmith 2014 support

Postby narutostarwars123456 » Sun May 04, 2014 1:38 pm

I just started using the RC9 version of this today (upgraded from my RC6 version). The new playback speed thing takes some time getting used to, but after about a few minutes of using it. IT IS SO F***ING AWESOME. Although it lags a bit, I hear MUCH MORE clearly what the hell the song is doing. And I love that I can now change the playback speed WHILE it's playing!

Thank you raynebc!!! I should have upgraded sooner.

EDIT: I discovered that this is the Time Stretch option in zoom, and the playback speed shortcuts are a little finicky.
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Re: EOF 1.8RC9 - Now with Rocksmith 2014 support

Postby raynebc » Sun May 04, 2014 2:40 pm

It's actually in the "playback rate" menu, but yeah it can cause your computer to lag a lot more than regular playback. Increasing the buffer size in File>Settings may help with this, but otherwise your computer's speed is the limiting factor. It also doesn't help that EOF isn't a threaded application, but maybe that's something we can achieve someday. The playback shortcuts behave a little differently depending on whether or not the chart is playing, Help>Keys goes into a little more detail.
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Re: EOF 1.8RC10 - Now with Rocksmith 2014 support

Postby raynebc » Mon May 12, 2014 11:26 pm

Hi, folks. It's time for a new release candidate. Changes since 1.8RC9:
*Fixed a bug where changing tracks while tech view was enabled could cause some types of phrases to be removed from the track.
*Fixed a bug where the "Note>Remove statuses" function didn't remove ignore or sustain pro guitar statuses.
*Fixed a bug where linkNext status used with chords could cause RS2 export to fail.
*Improved RS2 export to support sustain tech notes.
*Fixed a crash that could occur when performing a chord name lookup on a fully string muted chord.
*Updated the "Correct chord fingering" function to alter the regular notes instead of tech notes.
*Disabled the ability to apply fret or finger definitions for tech notes, since they don't use those values.
*Fixed a bug where tech view wasn't disabled when importing a Guitar Pro track, which would cause the import to malfunction.
*Updated Guitar Pro import to create tech notes for any complex bends defined in the imported track.
*Improved GP import to ignore section markers with no name instead of importing them as text events.
*Improved handling of linkNext tech notes so that they will cause a chord that follows to be exported as single notes, just as when normal notes have linkNext status applied.
*Changed GP import logic so that whether a tremolo phrase imports to be specific to the active track difficulty depends on if the "GP import replaces active track" preference is disabled or if the track's difficulty limit has been removed. If either of those conditions is true, the tremolo phrase is made difficulty specific (Rocksmith style tremolo authoring) and will only be visible when the track difficulty limit is not in effect. Otherwise the phrase applies to all track difficulties (Rock Band 3 style tremolo authoring).
*Added a new "stop" status that can be applied to tech notes. A stop tech note defines the end position of the affected string of the note it overlaps, allowing you to author chords with notes that have different lengths. If the stop tech note is at the start position of the note it affects, that note is exported with no sustain.
*Updated MIDI tones to take the track's capo placement into account.
*Added the ability to open the "Edit pro guitar note" dialog by clicking the middle mouse button (ie. scroll wheel). If no notes are selected, the dialog is opened for the currently moused-over note if any.
*Fixed a bug where operations that move all notes (ie. add leading silence, changing the midi delay or first beat position) would cause non pro guitar notes and lyrics to move twice as far as they should.
*Fixed a bug where notes with linknext status couldn't extend beyond the next note even when crazy status was in use.
*Fixed some problems with how linknext and crazy statuses interact with each other and with tech notes.
*Fixed a GP import bug that could cause alternate endings to not import.
*Improved the "Edit bend strength" dialog to start with the input focus on the bend strength field.
*Improved the "Seek to beat/measure" dialog to empty the number field when launched and fixed a minor issue where escape may have to be pressed multiple times to cancel the dialog.
*Fixed a bug where tempo changes that lead to some of the chart running past the end of the chart audio caused such content to get removed from the project.
*Fixed a bug with RS2 export where linknext status didn't force chordnotes to keep their chord's defined sustain length unless the chordnote also had bend or slide status.
*Fixed a bug where keyboard input from various dialog windows or prompts could leak and activate other keyboard shortcuts after the dialog was closed.
*Fixed a crash that would occur if a track had more tech notes than regular notes.
*Fixed a bug where auto-adjust would lose the manually defined name of affected notes and the text of lyric entries. As a side effect, this would cause pitchless lyrics to be deleted because a lyric with both no text and no pitch is discarded.
*Fixed bugs with Feedback input mode where the "edit pro guitar note" and "edit frets/fingering" dialogs couldn't be launched for the note at the seek position without explicitly selecting the note first.
*Fixed a bug with Feedback import where if a note began at the same position as a section (ie. star power phrase), it could combine with the previous note instead of being imported as a separate note.
*Altered Rocksmith import to reflect changes to how the toolkit unpacks Rocksmith 2014 songs (timestamps not padded to 3 decimal places, count attributes omitted).
*Removed handling of popup messages for RS2 export, since they aren't supported in that game.
*Fixed a bug where the use of the second piano roll prevented tech view from working.
*Changed the "Use dB style seek controls" preference so that the left/right arrows perform seek by grid snap and the up/down keys perform the normal transpose functions.
*Changed the border color (in the editor window) for selected star power notes to be red, which contrasts better against silver than white does.
*Improved the paste functions so that the chart will lengthen if necessary to perform the paste.
*Fixed a bug where clicking and dragging beats so that notes go over what was the previously the end of the chart would cause the notes to be deleted, now the chart's length is extended to retain the notes at their new positions.
*Improved error handling with Rocksmith lyric import.
*Updated Guitar Pro import to recognize when the selected XML file is a Rocksmith XML file rebuilt by the toolkit, which omits the XML declaration tag.
*Improved GP import by allowing two consecutive bend points of the same strength to be imported instead of just the first of them.
*Fixed a bug where the "Track>Rocksmith>Fret hand positions>Generate all diffs" function didn't correctly create undo states.
*Fixed bugs that would occur if tech view was enabled for a track: Manually or automatically generated fret hand positions would be incorrect, the exported MIDI wouldn't contain the right notes.
*Added a quick save function to the File menu. This saves the project without all of the prompts and warnings that the Save and Save as functions present. The CTRL+Q shortcut has been assigned to this function.
*Added a function (Track>Rocksmith>Fret hand positions>Delete effective) that deletes the fret hand position in effect at the current seek position, if there is any. This function is assigned the SHIFT+Del shortcut.
*Improved the fret hand positions display preference by having it also draw a red line across the fret board to indicate its position, so it's easier to tell whether or not they line up exactly with notes.
*Changed the "Track>Pro guitar>Ignore tuning/capo" option to be enabled by default for pro guitar/bass tracks in new projects.
*Improved the labeling of difficulty tabs to display (*) if tech notes are present in the track difficulty but are hidden from display because tech view is not enabled.
*Improved the populated indicator for the tracks in Song>Track, which will now display an asterisk when the track has no normal notes but has one or more tech notes.
*Added a function (Note>Rocksmith>Generate FHPs) that generates fret hand positions for the selected notes, removing only the existing fret hand positions that already exist anywhere within that range of notes in the active track difficulty.
*Added cleanup logic that should prevent EOF from having multiple fret hand positions at the same timestamp of the same track difficulty.
*Resolved a crash that could occur if EOF leaves foreground focus (ie. you use ALT+Tab or click outside of EOF) during time stretched playback.
*Added logic to GPA import to handle the special case of the first measure not having been synchronized in Go PlayAlong. If the tablature is synchronized in a way where one or more beats are positioned with a negative timestamp (are before the start of the audio), those beats are omitted from import. This cannot be avoided if you synchronized the file this way, but the worst side effect would be that the imported notes won't begin at the same measure as notated in the original GP file.
*Improved the "Check fret hand positions" function so that repeated instances of warnings that can be displayed more than once can be suppressed by clicking the "Ignore" option.
*Improved playback so that if you use the left arrow or home keys to seek to the beginning of the chart while the chart is playing, the playback speed stays the same as it was.
*Added an "Edit>Grid snap>Display grid lines" function that toggles the display of each grid snap position based on the current grid snap setting. When grid lines are being displayed, any note that isn't at a grid snap position will have its vertical line rendered in red instead of gray, making it obvious that it doesn't line up with a grid line. In addition to the beat marker arrows, beat lines will also now render in green if the mouse is hovered over the arrow.
*Added a "File>Display>Redraw" function that will rebuild the EOF window in unusual cases where it stops updating, such as if you leave it running after a Remote Desktop session. The SHIFT+F5 keyboard shortcut has been assigned to this function.
*Added functions to the "Note>Rocksmith" menu to toggle or remove the "ignore" status for selected notes.
*Improved the "Note>Resnap" function to warn if notes will be combined at the same position before it happens, so that the operation can be stopped.
*Fixed a bug with one of the fret hand position checks that wouldn't work correctly if a note was fret hand muted.
*Improved RS2 export so that string muted notes in a chord can be displayed with their defined fingering.
*Improved RS exports so that each unique fingering for a chord will be exported appropriately.
*Improved the "Edit frets/fingering" dialog so that the fret value, finger and mute status can each be defined individually for each string in a note.
*Fixed a bug with the toggle string mute function that wouldn't set a correct value when removing string mute status from a string muted note that has no defined fret value.
*Improved fret hand position generation so that a user-defined chord shape entry cannot force fret hand position changes to occur on single notes.
*Fixed a bug with the Song Properties dialog where the loading text preview didn't update when typing into the loading text field.
*Scanned EOF's code with Coverity and made various changes to resolve issues it identified. Various possible buffer overflows, out of bounds accesses, resource leaks and other bugs have been fixed.
*Changed the behavior of the "Erase overlapped pasted notes" preference so that only notes that start within the pasted notes' range are deleted.
*Fixed a bug where the Song>Seek>Bookmark menu was always disabled.
*Added support for the unofficial "N 5 #" forced HOPO notation to Feedback import.
*Added a check so that if EOF is unable to delete the Rocksmith WAV file after relevant chart modifications, a warning is displayed.
*Added a function (Song>Highlight non grid snapped notes) that will highlight notes that aren't on any grid snap position, indicating they may need to be manually moved/resnapped. If a custom grid snap value is in effect, its positions are also checked. The highlighting updates when notes are moved/resnapped or the grid snap value in use changes to/from a custom setting.
*Fixed a bug where if the BPM Change function auto-adjusted notes beyond what was previously the end of the chart, the notes were deleted.
*Improved the Seek prev/next anchor functions so that they are available even when grid snap is enabled, the menu will just remove the shortcuts, which are assigned to prev/next grid snap when grid snap is enabled.
*Fixed a bug with GP import where the notes at the end of legato slides weren't removed as they should be.
*Fixed timing rounding errors in the beat click and drag logic.
*Improved the auto-adjust feature by forcing all grid snapped notes to resnap to their correct position after notes are adjusted. This should reduce note timing loss when clicking and dragging beats.
*Improved the project format by storing double floating point precision timings for each beat, which should reduce beat timing loss involved with opening and saving a project.
*Added handling to GP import so that if any of the GP file's tracks has 7 strings, EOF will allow you to choose whether the high or the low string is dropped.
*Improved the "Reset BPM" function so that it will offer to auto adjust any existing notes so that affected notes will remain grid snapped after the operation is completed.
*Fixed a bug where tech view could become disabled when the MIDI file was created during save.
*Fixed memory leaks that could occur if MIDI export fails.
*Added a "Save separate musical MIDI file" preference, which will cause EOF to write a "notes_music.mid" file during save. This MIDI file contains all populated vocal and pro guitar/bass tracks, and unlike the other MIDI files EOF writes, all MIDI notes included are the real pitches used in each lyric or guitar/bass note. This file can be used in other music programs that use normal MIDI files, like Songs2See, Synthesia or even just your favorite MIDI player. Each pro guitar/bass track is written to use the corresponding MIDI instrument number used by the MIDI tones sound cue, which is configured in eof.cfg.
*Corrected the handling of tech notes (ie. complex bend definitions) during the unwrapping process in GP import.
*Added an option to "Song>Audio cues" allowing the option to not have fully string muted notes trigger the clap sound cue.
*Fixed a bug that prevented the 5 lane drums and open strum track options from working (non pro guitar tracks).
*Fixed a GP import bug where the track's fret limit might not increase to reflect the imported tablature.

While most of the changes were pro guitar related, there were many improvements to timing accuracy. The logic for clicking and dragging beats is more accurate and notes will even automatically resnap themselves with the correct grid snap setting when they are auto-adjusted. Combine these enhancements with the "Song>Highlight non grid snapped notes" and "Edit>Grid snap>Display grid lines" features and it should be much easier to make sure all notes stay grid snapped at all times.

-- Edit: Tue May 13, 2014 9:11 pm --

The copy function was broken for non pro guitar notes, so I updated the release candidate. In case you just want the updated exe file, here it is:

PS, this is officially the most "leet" release of EOF ever.
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Re: EOF 1.8RC10 - Now with Rocksmith 2014 support

Postby simon53696d6 » Thu Apr 30, 2015 2:08 pm

I have seen in Phase Shift that some of the charts have ho/po chords and note tails that can add up to a chord (You know, like in the Fade to Black intro in GH:M).

I've tried doing this in EOF, but the tails just disappear when I place another note parallel to it. Will these features be added in the future?

Also, a support for themes would be nice. The default theme gets kinda dull after a while and I'd like to use a rock band theme when charting.

Also also, maybe consider splitting the real drums into 7 lanes instead of 4, since you can't place a tom and a cymbal of the same colour, which is important sometimes. If this isn't possible due to deeply rooted functionality I understand.

Furthermore, this program is amazing and I'd like to donate any way I can. Paypal is a no-no though if I have to register.
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Re: EOF 1.8RC10 - Now with Rocksmith 2014 support

Postby Maupy2 » Thu Apr 30, 2015 2:21 pm

simon53696d6 wrote:I have seen in Phase Shift that some of the charts have ho/po chords and note tails that can add up to a chord (You know, like in the Fade to Black intro in GH:M).

I've tried doing this in EOF, but the tails just disappear when I place another note parallel to it. Will these features be added in the future?

EOF can do this already. Click on a note and press T. You can now make the note as long as you like, regardless of other notes.
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Re: EOF 1.8RC10 - Now with Rocksmith 2014 support

Postby MJR » Thu Apr 30, 2015 2:21 pm

simon53696d6 wrote:I have seen in Phase Shift that some of the charts have ho/po chords and note tails that can add up to a chord (You know, like in the Fade to Black intro in GH:M).
I've tried doing this in EOF, but the tails just disappear when I place another note parallel to it. Will these features be added in the future?

It's already there, press T on the notes, which will make the white part turn black, then you can make them overlap. :)

EDIT: Damnit Maupy, you beat me. :p

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