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Postby myfingershurt » Sat Jun 21, 2008 3:38 am

MFH Mod V3.0xx available in this new post[/size]

-------==============-MFH-ALARIAN MOD V2.995-================------

Instructions: Download the 2.900 release of your choice (below the latest patch). Decompress into a folder of your choice. Run FretsOnFire.exe, set your settings. The first time you attempt to play you will be prompted to find your "songs" folder. It must be named "songs" but it may be outside the game folder structure. Enjoy!

Patch install instructions: First, be sure you have one of the 2.900 releases (I recommend the Rock Band release). Download the latest patch and extract it to the game folder (where FretsOnFire.exe and the data folder are). This should mainly copy a new data\ over your original, as well as any additional support files required over the last major release. Then you are ready to play!

Each patch comes with a blank fretsonfire.ini for MAXIMUM COMPATIBILITY. You may choose to keep your old fretsonfire.ini so you do not have to re-set all your settings. However, if you encounter problems or bugs then the FIRST THING you have to try is a BLANK fretsonfire.ini file!

IMPORTANT: Use WinRar 3.70+ or equivalent to read the .RAR compressed archives properly.

PLEASE NOTE if you cannot even get a basic version of Frets on Fire working, this mod will not fix your problem. Furthermore, I will not help you get the game working. There are plenty of other support threads on this forum that can help you troubleshoot. Once you have a basic version of FoF working, then you are ready to try this mod.


Official MFH-Alarian mod website (webspace & domain provided by Leixner):

Leixner has also set up a forum on the website -
this will come in handy when the FoF Fan Forum goes down,
and will allow for further organization of topics related to this mod.


"Geetar Freaks" also now has a nice organized section on their website for the MFH-Alarian mod. Newer users might want to go here to get started:
Geetar Freaks: MFH-Alarian Mod


MFH Mod Wiki pages:
Help contribute! It will mostly be you all, I might not have much time to....

Wolferacing's (
(password= june)
(Previous versions / download links may be found in this Wiki)


D4rkSh4dow's (

General rules from Alarian's original post:
-PLEASE don't post offtopic crap like arguing, general discussion, personally directed messages, etc.
-Please stop repeating requests, if it's not anything new.
So... If it's done in GH3 or Rockband, then please DON'T mention it! If you have a NEW idea that hasn't been done in any other game EVER. Or the solution for a feature, then feel free to post it.
-Please stop repeating known issues.
-Please don't post useless bugreports like "My game crashes HELP!!"

[size=120]For troubleshooting steps / tips / help click here[/size]


To set up source files for this mod and compile from scratch:
Use RF-Mod v4.15 source for all the base files, and then overwrite with .py files from the



[size=120]To summarize: Please just let me do my thing and code what I feel like.[/size]

I am currently:
Locking this topic...



[size=120]Remember, the latest patch contains all fixes / features from the patches before it unless otherwise noted. [/size]
Latest major feature:
[size=133]Career Mode[/size]
Latest version: 2.995 (later versions in new post)

3.000 Partial Grey Star Fill -- 3.000 Partial Grey Star w/no Stats Closeup -- 3.000 Bass Drum Render Order Fixed
2.995 Animated Stage Selection -- 2.995 HOPO Indicator -- 2.995 Career Reset Confirmation
2.990 Internal Career Resetter
2.980 notes passing over frets -- 2.980 close note rendering order fixed (this fix remains on drums only)
Career mode songlist -- kawaii_kumiko69/EdisLeado new Rb Sustain tails -- kawaii_kumiko69/EdisLeado new Rb Kill tails
Neck submenu - RbMFH 2.940 Menu - GH3 2.940 Menu
Practice SS1 - Practice SS2 - Practice SS3

Demonstration videos:
worldrave's GH3 theme demo: Cheap Trick - Surrender
Tpyn: No Doubt - Don't Speak 100% video
danielmyers4's Evile - Thrasher drumming video
Inkk-1, Inkk-2
rednano12's new GH2 theme demo


I use Mediafire for my uploads. If someone wants to re-upload any of these to mirror(s), I will add the links to this post.

Linux / Mac downloads: (NOT maintained by me)
evilynux's Linux versions can be found here
trinidude's Mac versions can be found here
jnuz's Linux versions can be found here


Windows downloads:


1).liquid.'s Career Manager (Creator / Resetter / Song score & count resetter / Timecode calculator) V3.3: -- Download this app

2)TypusMensch's Song Manager v3.13 (Java) - FoFFF Thread, or MFH Forum

3)italianstal1ion's Career Template & Instructions: Download this template

4)evilynux's Perl script Random Song Starter (linux / mac): Read his post

5)Def Monk's PHP Score Resetter: Read his post

Career Files

Career Modes / Careers download thread

In progress: None - old thread

Version 2.995 (9/16/2008, 9:45pm PST) -- ugo's full installer post, Rapidshare download -- Patch direct download -- Patch mediafire download
New since 2.990:
++Simplified Dialogs.songListLoaded log entry (no longer spits out IDs of all song and title objects)
++Fixed logic that handles the unsupported capitalized .PNG stage files during scale factor precalculation routine
++++Completely filtered out .PNG files now, with log warnings. If every single stage is .PNG, this situation is now caught and blank stage mode is forced instead of a crash
++++++This means no more blank frames will be displayed in-game; extreme cases, such as every single stage being .PNG, cause a stack overflow.
==Changed ugo's credits entry to "ugo247548 (Biskit)"
++New setting under "Theme Settings" -> "Animated Stage" allows user to select from animated stage folders under <themename>\Stages\ --- SS
++Moved "stage_mode", "song_stage", "rotate_stages", "stage_rotate_delay" settings to Theme settings menu
++Code changes from evilynux's .diff posts here, and here
++Wrote new solo detection logic that can recognize the correct solos in GH2 - Rush - YYZ (filter for "bass solo" section markers)
++Wrote new solo detection logic that can correctly count solo notes in RBDLC - Staind - This is It, RB - Ballroom Blitz, GH80's - .38 Special - Hold On Loosely, Dio - Holy Diver, Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock (solos until end counted wrong)
++Added treckzy's yellow overdrive centerlines / outline to RbMFH theme
++Added optional support for "drum_overdrive_center_lines.png"
++Added fallback logic to allow "overdrive center_lines.png" and "overdrive side_bars.png" to be optional
++Added worldrave's new GH3 starpower bulb rendering code from here and here
++New logic inserts blank lines after each career tier, an "End of Career" marker sandwiched by blank lines after the last career song (shows where "bonus" songs start), and a blank line before "Reset Career"
++Wrote new random neck logic that can support arbitrary neck filenames, applied to both Guitar and Drum objects
--Removed "chosen neck doesn't exist" fallback logic from Neck Chooser (handled upon startup in Main Menu)
++Added support for 2 possible "random neck" selection filenames: "Neck_0.png" and "randomneck.png"
++Added evil-doer's fixed GH3 strings image, with no hard edges - detail post
++Added evilynux's .diff patch to tidy up / failed screen
++Replaced necks 46 - 49 with BlackJack's fixed necks
++New option under "Fretboard Settings" -> "HOPO Indicator" (default Off) - shows "HOPO" at lower right-hand corner, greyed out = strums required, white = no strums required SS
++Added a simple confirmation menu to "Reset Career" function ("Are you sure you want to reset this entire career?") ("No") ("Yes") -- SS
++Adding logic to display year in CD song list mode
==Renamed "Drum highscore nav" to "Drum navigation" - this setting now enables / disables drum menu navigation (for those using keyboard for drums, this allows songlist search and highscore name input)
++Updated to Alexfighter's v1.2f Spanish translation file
++Updated to BlackJack's v0.74 French (Reform 1990) translation file
++Updated to x-driver's v0.39 German translation file
++Fixed "Animated Stage" "Standard" Spanish translation problem (constructed dictionary of options manually, with a non-translated internal label) -- SS
++New option under "Song List Settings" -> "Quickplay Tiers" (default On): When Off, Quickplay mode ignores career tiers and sorts songs as if they were not in a career
++Updated GH3 theme patch files to worldrave's hotfix 8

(Older versions removed & are available via official website's Archives section)


[size=120]Base v2.900 Releases (required for any later patches):[/size]

MFH-Alarian V2.900 Full Release: (~190MB, RAR archive, MegaUpload host)
+All 6 themes - Gh1 / Gh2 / Gh2Orig / Gh3 / RbMFH / 8bit
+Big-Ass Neck Pack (130 concurrently-named necks)
+Additional Rock Band main menu music
+Additional GH3 main menu music
+Entirely too many random stages

MFH-Alarian V2.900 GH3-Only Release: (~37 MB, RAR archive, MediaFire host)
+Only GH3 theme, 10 necks, 1 stage, 1 menu song
GH3 Full Stage Pack (41 stages): (~42 MB, RAR archive, MediaFire host)
Alternate hitflames here
D4rkSh4d0w's GH3 main menu music

MFH-Alarian V2.900 Rock Band Only Release: (~38MB, RAR archive, MediaFire host)
+Only RbMFH theme, 10 necks, 1 stage, 1 menu song
Rock Band Full Stage Pack (12 stages): ~13 MB
Rock Band Original Notes.png from Alarian v2.7: < 100 kB
Rock Band menu music pack (9 songs): ~18 MB

MFH-Alarian 2.8xx -> MFH-Alarian 2.900 Manual Patch: ~900 kB

Language files:

Alexfighter's updated Spanish translation

BlackJack's updated French translation (Reform 1990)

fablaculp's updated French translation

x-driver's updated German translation

TypusMensch's updated German translation (older)


BlackJack's "English Reverse" and "Pig Latin" translations


worldrave's Guitar Hero 3 theme

ugo247548's Rock Band 2 theme

sherranjjj001, JcFerggy, & iamnoob's Project: Clone (GH2, GH80s themes)

death_au's theme compilation thread

death_au's Old School FoF theme


Related downloads / optional enhancements:

Original FoF tutorial (place in songs folder, no subfolders)
tutorial files from SourceForge

Big-Ass Neck Pack (130 concurrently-named necks): ~23 MB
Gamexprt1's hi-res neck replacements, and some GH3 graphics fixes
Additional GH:A necks as included in ugo's installers

lvl4573r's reversed / shattering Rock Band hitflames

Figure's Rock Band Stuff post

EdisLeado's GH:WT-style drum notes
EdisLeado's alternate GH3 Loading screen
EdisLeado's alternate GH3 Neck Select screen
EdisLeado's alternate GH3 Options screen

kk69's alternate gfx from this post:

kk69's alternate DrumNotes.png gfx for GH2/GH3/RB themes post

RB drum notes
RB notes, no HOPO glow
GH3 drum notes
GH1/GH2 drum notes
RB overdrive bar & glow

death_au's alternate gfx collection

death_au's 8-bit theme Killswitch tail options

kawaii_kumiko69's GH3 MainText, RB Tails, and RB Overdrive meter

Anahkiasen's Rock Band notes

acrox999's Rock Band notes with wide HOPOs

Blazingamer's more accurate Rock Band Main Menu

evil-doer's beveled wood-grain Rock Band Main Menu

BlackJack's "Parallel to the floor" Rock Band Main Menu

Razlo7's alternate GH2 MainText.png

Alarian's "Torch" hitflames: hitflames1.png & hitflames2.png

krisda132's Rock Band drum notes

Daevid's Rock Band "quickplay" song choose background

.liquid.'s sound packs (linked in his sig)

lsapg09's main menu background music thread

Figure's Rock Band Bass Groove Overlay Neck v2

Don Tonberry's Rock Band overdrive sound
aduro's merge of the RB overdrive sound & starpower crowd
.liquid.'s version of the RB overdrive sound

slantyr's Rock Band drumfretshacked.png

Electrodeath's drumfretshacked.png

evil doer's drumnotes

bluzer's GH3 menu background widescreen

worldrave's Rock Band font


Please note, I'm not looking for suggestions. However, just in case you feel the need to suggest or report something, please review the following first:
Known issues / problems / quirks:
...not all of these have been confirmed by me. And some have existed long before this mod was created.

Known issues with drums:
-some drum "chords" at the end of starpower phrases result in a double starpower reward
-hitglow for drum "chords" only show for the last note hit

Other unresolved / reported issues:
-Practice mode's "time" (mm:ss)-style markers are NOT calculated accurately at all
-Random, inexplicable, unrepeatable hangs occur sometimes when loading the song list or loading a song for gameplay. Above-normal priority handling code is suspected. detail post
-Pausing may interrupt your streak and multiplier if there are notes close enough to the current position
-Songs with a corrupted or problematic .OGG file will cause a tough-to-read in-game error
-Solos in RB - Green Grass & High Tides aren't parsed exactly as they are in the real game detail post
-All "sub-menus" share an x and y position; this is due to the way FoF's menu object works.
-Options are sorted alphabetically; sometimes this is not desirable but this is the way it is.
-Starpower phrases sometimes will re-activate after missing a note, allowing undeserved starpower gains
-Guitar solos require an unbroken streak to get a 100% - even if you overstrum and hit all the notes, your guitar solo will be forced down to 99.0%. I do not plan to change this; it's like this for a reason, and was tough enough to get working.
-Browsing a folder with only 4 entries in song "list" mode results in the list jumping up and down - it has been this way for a long time - detail post
-Sometimes, the game will start with fonts displayed all incorrectly. It has been this way for a long time. Just exit and restart.
-Any image files (stages, backgrounds, etc) MUST have a lowercase ".png" extension - THE GAME CAN NOT HANDLE CAPITALIZED ".PNG" EXTENSIONS!

Unconfirmed bug reports (I have not been able to reproduce any of these, so to me, these bugs do not exist):
-Pro Face-Off mode causes drumming issues for Jurgen
-2-player fail / rock bug -- Detail post 2
-Track volume bug
-Second player timing bug? detail post
-Selecting a language other than English, then quitting the game & deleting that translation file, then restarting the game will incorrectly show the selected language. detail post
-After pressing ESC to exit from a sub-menu, Up and Down no longer repeat for some reason.
-HOPO strum problem (TTFAF medium, intro) reported here, here, and here.
-Note tails (GH3 complex tails) under strings bug -- detail post
-Another GH3 complex tail bug - only one held note appears to be held - detail post
-songs folder on a different drive than Frets on Fire navigation problem detail post
-When exiting the songlist back to the main menu, the OptionsBG image can be seen.
-Every once in a while, this will happen (multiple game screens mixed together) - FoF isn't perfect (far from it), and it gets confused. Restart the game, you'll be fine.

To do (besides the obvious, please don't suggest the obvious...):

++Organize and clarify stage rotation & animation settings in the Options menu as detailed in this post
++Add logic to play crowd cheer when rock meter reaches top 1/3rd (also precalculate rockMed, rockHi thresholds instead of every time in the render)
++Add Career title X offset to theme.ini (so you can create an indentation)
++Add song.ttf scale factor to theme.ini (for song info display during gameplay countdown)
++Add support for Career Title / Tier labels (title1.png, title2.png, etc)
++Add Difficulty select as a Career submenu, and remove from Career song selection
++Add Difficulty-based careers (separate "unlock_completed" entry for Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert) so you must unlock a song on each difficulty (4 careers in 1)
++Add theme.ini settings to allow re-organizing of the various screen elements from the Game Results screen
++Add theme.ini setting for Neck Select screen's text -- detail post
++Add option for in-game text shadows (as rendering 2x the text will result in 2x the lag from rendering text objects) -- detail post
++Add support for a transparent loading overlay and a song-specific loading background -- detail post

-Add support for each stage folder to have an .ini file containing intended rotation order and delay settings
-Add new control key to allow real-time selection (via cycling) of available Killswitch effects
--...(during gameplay, without pausing) - i.e., start with analog killswitch, press "select", BAM you're using digital killswitch. Press "select" again and... analog killswitch
-Add functions to career songlist "Career Backup" and "Career Restore" to support basic juggling of multiple careers (each "career" will include an unlock code for each difficulty)
-Add "Reset Scores" function to the bottom of Quickplay mode songlists, which will reset scores of all songs in the current folder (NOT recursively)
--Add submenu to Reset Scores function, just a simple confirmation dialog ("Are you sure you want to reset all scores for songs in this list?")
-Add submenu / confirmation to Reset Career function, allow user to choose: (1)reset scores + unlock status, (2)reset unlock status only (keep scores), or (3)cancel / reset nothing
-Locate a copy (or a better clone) of this font for use in the Rock Band theme
-Rewrite guitar/bass note rendering logic so that the notes can be rendered in reverse order for correct close note overlaps (like drums) without breaking tail logic
-Add support for animated stages that are not theme-specific (data\Stages\)
-Either add width scaling or more static killswitch tail states for analog killswitch mode one suggestion
-Create a separate pause submenu for Career mode that does not include Jurgen options
-Figure out how to force logfile creation in the FretsOnFire base folder instead of %appdata%\fretsonfire to avoid the inevitable new player being unable to find the log.
-Figure out how to force compile error logfile to save to "FoF-CompileErrors.log" instead of the confusing "FretsOnFire.exe.log" name
-Add optional support for a separated "crowd.ogg" audio track; with settings "Disabled", "On all the time", and "On during SP only"
-Fix Jurgen logic so Pro-Face-Off mode fails him just like a human player (disables his controls, etc): detail post
-Create a persistant songlist object, to prevent re-instantiation and memory leak
-Add secondary / duplicate guitar fret buttons with navigation for Rock Band guitars
-Add option to show graphical selections (like main menu buttons) for instrument
-Add option to show graphical selections (like main menu buttons) for difficulty
-Changes that will affect scoring will have to be handled differently, for details see this post
--Enhance score uploading logic as in these 2 posts so score charts can correctly track gold stars separately from Full Combos, and separate GH2 Sloppy & GH2 Strict scores
--Try to make scoring as accurate as possible according to this post
-Write logic to recalculate total number of notes to not include notes before start position - for practice mode's accuracy & note counts
-Figure out how to cram this graphic into a TTF so I can use it for Rock Band lyrics...
-Rewrite neck image detection logic to allow for any neck filenames, and store neck filename instead of neck number
-Display the longest note streak in parentheses in-game
-Force 2-decimal place average multiplier rounding to match the full accuracy display problem discussed here
-In rockband theme, do not make 2 rock meter bars, only one and have both arrows on it (2 player CO-OP mode, combined score like RB)
-Add user option to completely disable graphical multipliers and just use text as in Bass Groove
-Add user option to use a starpowerneckovr.png (or overdriveneckovr.png) for a starpower / overdrive neck overlay
-Write separate logic to handle individual player's "You Rock" status; right now, if one player makes it to the end of the song, both players "Rock."
-Add code to use separate DrumKeys.png if present, so we can use Wolferacing's drum keys
-Attempt to add another audio track for rhythm guitar (separate from bass guitar)
-Add wide bassdrumhitflames1.png and bassdrumhitflames2.png support for bass drum hits, properly scaled and positioned
-Port Hering's song queue / merged difficulty & part selection screen
-Create a phantom difficulty filter so that the game will not show you difficulties with 5 or less notes in them.
-Add hit accuracy average, total error score, etc. review at end of song
-Add drum fill sections, with required green fret / cymbal hit at end to continue streak (or maybe to activate starpower instead) - detail post
---Add option to use the separate drum fill drum sounds as miss sounds, instead of the random sounds
-Allow theme-based necks; if there is a "necks" folder in a theme, then those necks will be used. If not, data
ecks will be used.
-Move all text and graphic positioning elements into the theme.ini so it is easier to code custom themes - detail post
-Give Jurgen the (in)ability to play worse... allow user to select Jurgen's "skill" level to compete against
--Also add a small Jurgen score display to the game results so you can compare your score and streak against his
----And have Jurgen talk trash to you or praise you depending on the score gap
-Add function to read in manual starpower section markings from MIDI file instead of automatic calculation, and do something with big rock ending parts:
----detail post 1 -- detail post 2 -- detail post 3 -- detail post 4
-Add support for Loading, You Rock, and You Fail animations - just a couple frames of PNG files
-Add capability for main menu submenu's "last" settings to be retained and selected by default the next time they are navigated
- Add the ability to have different menus for Difficulty (Default), Instrument, Selection select, with a fallback on default.
- Add the ability to have a different set of menus for Career, Quick Play (Default), Multiplayer, and Practice, with a fallback on default.
- Separate the results screen and the high score, with a fallback on the Results.
- Add the ability to have a different results screen for Multiplayer, with a fallback on the default one.
- Change the Pause and Fail screen to make them so they stretch to the full size of the screen (Make it easier to see how it would look in-game when editing).
- Add the ability to have a different Training screen, with a fallback on the Options.
- Add a neck folder to each theme, and add an option to have either Custom necks, or Theme necks.
- Add a practice neck to the neck folder that only gets used during Practice & Tutorial mode, that gets filtered out during regular play.
- Add a neck angle option to theme.ini and a option called Theme.
- Add a neck width option to theme.ini and add a option for Thene, and other pre-set ones.
- Make the high score scroll appear above the Contine, Replay, and Quit options, instead of starting at the bottom and going behind it.
- Add support for graphical Game Mode select screens -- detail post
- Change the dots in the GH2 mod so 1-10 are yellow, 10 making it x2, 11-20 are green, 20 being x3, 21-30 being purple, 30 being x4, and stop the dots from adding up anymore, leaving all the dots colored purple.
-Add a 3rd option to "Song List", along with "List and "CD" : "List with CD" (basically, it'd be like "List", but CD cases would appear in the place of the skull from "selected.png")
-Add songlist display mode "All" to ignore folder and career structures and just list / sort all songs in one list
-Add logic to pause the game when it loses focus (when another application demands attention with a pop-up and switches out of FoF) -- detail post
-Remove Career Tier objects from CD list mode, display tier name on each song included in them instead -- detail post
-Add a special position below all other necks for the "random" neck, so at any point browsing through other necks the user can just press down for random - detail post
-Add Boss Battles to Career mode (with Jurgen at a certain skill level playing the other part, displaying the guitarist name "is here" instead of Jurgen, and you must defeat him to continue)


===========================RELATED RESOURCES:===================================

Online Scores
new site (for 2.980+):

Recommended Downloads/Guides/Posts:

Career Modes / Career downloads

Career Mode development thread (contains lots of useful info and instructions)

Rock Band Decrypted Rips (for those of you that own the Rock Band songs, you can download them in FoF format here)
NOTE: Most of the DLC has the lyrics and sections / solos stripped! The main Rock Band disc music packs are all intact and unstripped, however.

How to mark Guitar Solo sections in your custom songs

Play the drums using your real electronic MIDI drumset

Run Video in background

EOF 1.21, Amazing program for fretting songs

Animated Backgrounds Thread

Basic online multiplayer

Real online multiplayer (another game, Strings on Speed)

bluzer's stuff - lots of great resources here, back to Alarian 1.0

Problems playing FoF with Windows Vista? Some strange Vista-only problems have beeen solved by users in the past:


Credits and notices can be found in this post
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Postby myfingershurt » Sat Jun 21, 2008 3:43 am

Son of a.... there was someone else's post above this one, now it's been deleted and it looks like I double posted. -.-

[size=105]=If anyone finds problematic note patterns with either GH2 HOPO system, with or without after-chord HOPOs enabled (like, you can't hit a certain note in a certain song no matter what): please confirm by performing multiple tests with the various HOPO options, and then create a blank / silent song containing just the problematic pattern and send it to me to use for debugging. Please ensure that your test song exhibits the same problem, if not you need to include more surrounding notes.

=Here's the deal -- I'm a coder. I care about gameplay, major features, bug fixes, etc. I do NOT care about graphics. If someone wants to upgrade something I've done with better graphics and effects, please feel free. Then show me what you've done and I will be sure to include the changes.
...Basically - I'll make it work. You guys make it look better.

=I would love to implement an online multiplayer mod / microphone mod / vocals / 3 player / note bending whammy -- but these are seriously HUGE major changes that may or may not even be possible with the current game engine version. Please don't suggest these types of game-rewriting changes - they are all quite obvious to anyone who's ever played any of the console games. I have no plans to attempt any of these things; and even if I did, it would not be something I would announce beforehand. I would wait until I had it working, and then would show it off. I like to have the option to give up on a feature and turn my attention elsewhere.

=BTW, if I had any idea how to ensure that FoF always sets a single processor affinity or whatever is required to work properly, I would make it automatic... unfortunatly, I have only 1 processor in my system.

=PLEASE don't PM me with requests, that goes for everybody. If you think you have a new idea that hasn't been discussed or thought of yet, post it in this thread. I'm not the only one involved in this project, you know. Everyone should have a chance to respond to the ideas, I like to see how popular certain features are before attempting to do something that I think I can finish.

=PLEASE don't ask me when a certain feature is going to be done. This really starts to make my coding seem like work, as if I have to answer to somebody who might not give me my next paycheck. This is not a job; it is a hobby. I share what I do with everybody because, well, I'd be a real douche if I didn't :)

=I've made a decision that I won't help anyone with Python. It's just easier this way. It's such a confusing language... I can waste a long time walking someone through what would seem like the simplest change. I barely have enough time to make my own code work. Do you want me to stop making progress and spend my time teaching Python? That doesn't make sense.... I'm a terrible teacher, I'm a much better coder.
==In short, PLEASE don't ask me any questions about Python or where certain code is or that sort of thing.
====If you're determined to figure something out, do what I did. Google search. Study the code. Study Python articles. Study example code.

[size=120]To summarize: Please just let me do my thing and code what I feel like.[/size]


[size=120]IF you want help, use this template for your bugreports. In most other cases you'll simply be ignored, ridiculed, insulted or met with extreme sarcasm and irritation:[/size]

0. Create an empty fretsonfire.ini in your gamefolder, restart the game, and try playing WITHOUT CHANGING ANY OF THE DEFAULT SETTINGS. If the problem persists, continue with the bugreport below. If it works, find the setting that causes a problem and report it in detail.
---also, if you are not using a fresh install from one of my full releases (RB only, GH3 only, or 5-theme releases). Chances are, if you tried the manual patch and are having problems, you did something wrong.
1. In which version did the bug start?
2. Do you get any information in FretsOnFire.exe.log? (Delete the file, restart game and recreate the bug)
3. Describe what you're experiencing is happening.
4. Describe what you're expecting to happen.
5. If possible, provide describing Screenshot(s) and/or a Video of your problem.
6. If you have a "FretsOnFire.exe.log" file in your game directory, you may want to post the contents of that (or upload and share the file)
7. You may want to post the "fretsonfire.ini" file from the game directory so we can see your settings
8. You may also want to post the "%appdata%\fretsonfire\fretsonfire.log" file if you experienced a crash or hang, as this can contain valuable debug information



About Double-pick problem on guitar controllers!
- When strumming down, up, down, up, ... the game doesn't always register all the picks.
Alarian has the Xbox Xplorer guitar controller and it's safe to say that the problem he's experiencing is caused by the controller!
The "strum-button" on the controller is registered by the computer as "Point of View Hat" and this causes problems since it's not a button that you can release. FoF won't register when you release the button. What I did was to download Xpadder:
You can link the "strum-button" to 2 keys on the keyboard instead, this solved my problem.


About Variable/Speed-dependent Hitwindow! Exact values here
Set the hitwindow to tight and tweak the A/V-Delay so it's right when you hit the notes when listening to the music. This is now easy with the new Accuracy indicator.
Remember that the correct A/V-Delay is different on every computer depending on system, prestanda and audio-settings.


This mod is built on Alarian's Mod,
which was built on Ultimate Coffee's Ultimate Mod,
which was built on Rogue_F's RF_Mod 4.15,
which was, of course, built on Frets on Fire 1.2.451,
which was created by the Ultimate Voodoo

Main coders no particular order:
Alarian, Blazingamer, Capo, Glorandwarf, Myfingershurt,
ShiekOdaSandz, Trinidude4, QQStarS, wolferacing, rchiav,
Maze2234, .liquid., evilynux


Team Hero (Creators of Career Mode):
Lsapg09, Jrdnxxhero, Blackfriday, blessedmain911, ADH,
razlo7, coolguy5678, arfn24, Qwedgeonline


Main graphic contributors in no particular order:
Alarian, Ds~, Dævid, EdisLeado, Skor, Worldrave


Resource donators:
Leixner ( webspace / domain)


Honorary credits to:
Rogue_F, h3r1n6, Ultimate Coffee, Ultimate Voodoo


Other credits in no particular order:
Aduro, blessedmain911, Chadman, Divra, Evil Ken, FoZZ,
Kookoz, Inkk, Meteorito, Pudding, Racer 13,
Raph666, RavenSourcious, Seraph88, TXF, v4vendetta, YMS,
Figure, anthman852, Happ E Nose, Death Au,
jnuz, italiansta1ion, lsapg09, fuzion, rubjonny, slantyr,
Tpyn, cama, kingleonidas, MoonFlow43, evil-doer
D4rksh4d0w, bluzer, MistTribe, faaa, ugo247548 (Biskit),
jacobo123, mrhoeivo, sherranjjj001, JcFerggy, iamnoob,
Death Legion, BlackJack, kawaii_kumiko69, Alexfighter,
fablaculp, gamexprt1, acrox999, p_025, x-driver,
TypusMensch, treckzy


Tutorial inspired by adam02


If you see your work included in this mod, and you aren't in the credits, please leave a polite post stating what you did and when, be as specific as possible. If you can, please provide a link to your original posting of the work in question. Then I can properly credit you. Thank you for your contribution.
Please keep in mind that it is not easy to trace down and credit every single person who contributed; if your name is not included, it was not meant to slight you. It was an oversight.

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Postby D4rkSh4d0w » Sat Jun 21, 2008 3:45 am

Ohhhhhhhh YEAH!!!

(can I be your priest? :D)
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Postby emp3ror » Sat Jun 21, 2008 3:51 am

gonna try it now!

thanks a lot MFH!
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Postby BSRaven » Sat Jun 21, 2008 3:54 am

I was gonna point out the Organ Solo thing (Damn ninjas)

Anyway, DOWNLOADED. DO WANT improved guitar solos.

EDIT: By the way, what are the 5 themes? I'll guess, and someome tell me if I'm right...

1: GH1
2: GH2/80s
3: GH3
4: RB
5: 8-Bit.
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Postby Xinorbis » Sat Jun 21, 2008 3:58 am

The overdrive meter on 2-player mode is too short
aka drumbilical
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Postby italianstal1ion » Sat Jun 21, 2008 4:11 am

What a huge update! I think I speak for us all when I say awesome work myfingershurt!
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Image Albelgim collaboration
If you appreciate my work and would like to see more, a donation would certainly motivate me! Thank you.

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Postby v4vendetta » Sat Jun 21, 2008 4:46 am

thanks once again.
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Postby myfingershurt » Sat Jun 21, 2008 4:48 am

Ok, finally finished preparing and testing the various release packages: I've updated the first post to reflect more detail on what options you all will have when I wake up and these uploads are completed.

Sleep now. I've been working on this release my entire day off, from 7am :O
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Postby PCB94 » Sat Jun 21, 2008 5:00 am

That's Awsome
Thank you MFH for this GREAT Mod
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Postby supurgem » Sat Jun 21, 2008 5:14 am

Thanks a lot,MFH! At least,we have got a new version of Alarian.
By the way,what's Alarian doing?
Sorry if I made grammar mistakes :) ...
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Postby endrju » Sat Jun 21, 2008 5:33 am

Ohhh yeah new version ;]

Waiting for link to Full Release ;]
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Postby trinidude4 » Sat Jun 21, 2008 5:34 am

Mac Downloads:

MFH-Alarian Mod 2.900 Full:
MFH-Alarian Mod 2.900 Part 1 for Mac
MFH-Alarian Mod 2.900 Part 2 for Mac

MFH-Alarian Mod 2.9 Patch (required MFH-Alarian Mod 2.8):
MFH-Alarian Mod 2.9 Patch for Mac

MFH-Alarian Mod 2.8 (full version):
MFH-Alarian Mod 2.8 Part 1 for Mac
MFH-Alarian Mod 2.8 Part 2 for Mac

The latest patches and other Frets on Fire for Mac files will be posted here:
Frets on Fire for Mac
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Postby lsapg09 » Sat Jun 21, 2008 6:29 am

I'm Back!!!! :D
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Postby holystoneH » Sat Jun 21, 2008 6:48 am

thanks again for your hard work myfingershurt

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